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Fairing the Keel(s) - Practical Sailor,or%20rudder%20fits%20flush%20against%20the%20plywood%20template.

5 tips: faster foils. Keel and rudder - Yachting World
    There are two basic options here: 1) Ask for section templates from the designer or, 2) simply test to see whether your foil is different on each side. Then pick the better section shape and...

Sailboats with foils: the evolution seen by Sirena, Soldini …
    The keel of a boat is a foil that decreases leeway and generates lift. For example, the keel in contrasting leeway also manages to create a force, called “lift”, which “pulls” the boat to windward. ... The evolution of racing boats, in order to avoid heel, has been driven towards the search stability of form or shape of the hull, i.e ...

RC Sailboat | with canting keel and foils - YouTube
    It is equipped with a canting keel, double rudder, foils and interchangeable sails ... The JO60 is a full carbon fibre monohull with a length of 60 centimetres. It …

RC canting keel with foils - YouTube
    First sail of VO65 fitted with canting keel and foils. Keel was turned off, for this test.

Swing Keel Foil Pattern? | Sailboat Owners Forums
    That matches up better with the ~3" max thickness of an actual bare keel, mine anyway. Otherwise, we'd have to add 1/2" to both sides. It also states on the template: "The actual foil percentage if the (keel hanging) angle was 45 degrees, the water length would be 22.62", which would come out to 13.2% This is about perfect for a small boat.

Canting Keel RC Yacht beginning to foil - YouTube
    Here is a clip of a 1.2 m canting keel yacht foiling. Still in the early stages, but showing great potential.

Keel Foils (optimizing a 70's keel) | Boat Design Net
    One way would be to use XFOIL to design a custom section. Take many measurements of your current keel, especially near the leading edge, to create a set of coordinates for the existing shape. Then load this into XFOIL to see what the predicted performance is.

Keep Your Keel On - Sail Magazine
    A popular method is to construct a vertical keel box inside the hull: the top of the blade slots into the box and is fastened to it with horizontal through-bolts. Another method is to weld the top of the foil to a horizontal plate and then bolt that to the bottom of the hull.

Foiling Monohull Design - Sail Magazine
    Unlike IMOCA foils, however, the Figaro foils will be getting a lot of help in the leeway department from the boat’s fixed keel. As Girotti explains it, the foils allow for surface area to be pared away from the keel, and the two appendages thus complement each other. The foils also save a lot of weight, with the target displacement for the ...

Fairing the Keel(s) - Practical Sailor
    The template is usually just a plywood strip cut to conform to the desired foil shape. You apply filling compound, and then, sand it fair until the new keel or rudder fits flush against the plywood template. Most popular racing classes offer a paper pattern that you can use to cut your own fairing templates.

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