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Kanjo Street Racers - The Infamous Kanjozoku
    Loop runners, known better as "Kanjo Racers" or "Kanjozoku," gather at an unspecified location and put their skills to the test in all-out madness on these highways. The roads aren't entirely empty...

Addictive danger: Kanjo street racing - CNET - Roadshow
    Kanjo racing is illegal. It's a public highway, but for those who race on it, it's a raceway with a moving slalom built in. Racers start at …

Kanjō - Wikipedia

Kanjo Style, an introduction. | Retro Rides
    The Kanjo, also known as 'the loop' is a public toll road in Osaka. Since the mid 80's groups of drivers have used this road as a playground, meeting in large numbers and racing through the late night traffic. It is, of course, both highly dangerous and highly illegal.

10 Things We Just Learned About Osaka's Infamous …
    Keeping Kanjozoku Alive. The inter-gang rivalry does not seem to be as significant as it was …

The Loop Soldiers - The Kanjozoku- Osaka's Infamous …
    After the huge crackdown on illegal street racing in Osaka almost a decade ago, many left the Kanjo racing scene altogether and clubs disbanded. Some of these hobbyists moved their racing onto the circuit where it’s legal, some of the older guys left altogether and the few that stuck around continue to carry on this underground Osaka tradition.

Paying Homage To Kanjo Culture - Speedhunters
    You can read more about Kanjo racing culture here. Kanjo racing still exists in Osaka, and the rebellious attitude of the Kanjozoku has made the underground and somewhat mythical culture popular among many in Malaysia, something reflected in a number of tribute builds at Retro Havoc. One that caught my eye was this third-gen Civic.

Kanjo Tribe: Osaka Night Fighters - Speedhunters
    The Kanjo is shorter, narrower and its straights are linked together with tight corners and abrupt transitions. If the Wangan is about power, the Loop is about agility. Not surprisingly, info on the history of the Kanjo is hard to come by ,and I’m still trying to learn all I can about the beginnings of this movement.

The Many Different Styles of the Kanjozoku
    They are themed to look like race cars and also were once utilized to deter local authorities. Many would often change their schemes (sometimes nightly) as to make their cars unrecognizable to the police. They would often get chased on the roadway and would then come out the following night as an almost entirely new car!

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