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    Racing Performance that comes from passion Pankl is a specialist in the devel­opment, design, manufac­turing and testing of crank mechanism, pistons, piston bolts, con-rods, crank­shafts, turbo appli­ca­tions as well as in complete trans­mission and chassis systems for the racing sector. learn more High Performance Performance is our mission

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    Pankl AG is an Austrian industrial holding group, primarily owned by Pierer Industry AG, founded in 2018. 709 Mio. € Revenue In 2021 Pankl AG was able …

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    INTELLIGENT, COMPLETE SOLUTIONS AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT Pankl Racing develops and produces engine components – con-rods, pistons, piston pins, bolts, crankshafts – from high-strength steel and titanium alloys as well as turbocharger applications and also offers complete solutions for drivetrain and suspension systems for all motor sports segments.

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    Irvine - Pankl Racing Systems AG Irvine CP-CARRILLO INC CP-Carrillo offers high quality performance products with excellent customer service. Offering both – pistons and connecting rods – is a tremendous added value for the customers.

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    1902 McGaw Ave. Irvine, CA 92614 | USA ; Phone: +1 949 567 9000; Fax: +1 949 567 9010; [email protected];; Contact us. USA Cerritos. PANKL AEROSPACE SYSTEMS INC. ... Pankl Racing Systems AG Indus­trie­straße West 4 8605 Kapfenberg Austria T: +43 (0) 3862 33 999-0 [email protected]. A member of the Pankl Group

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    Pankl is a specialist in the devel­opment and manufac­turing of engine and drive­train systems for motor­sport, for high perfor­mance vehicles and for the aerospace industry. Light­weight designs up to the limits of feasi­bility and high-end innov­ative materials charac­terize our products that resist extreme mechanical loads. ENGINE / TURBOSYSTEMS

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