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GT Raceway Booking Form

Please complete all the relevant details below and click the submit button. This will take you through to the deposit payment options.

Please be aware your booking WILL NOT be confirmed until we receive both the FORM and DEPOSIT.

If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call:

Phone: 0420 519 544

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GT Raceway Terms & Conditions


- The GT Raceway booking confirmation form and $110 deposit is required to secure my booking. Until the booking contract is  returned with the deposit, the Company shall be free to offer the date in question to other parties. 

- Full payment to be made on the day at the conclusion of the event. If payment is not made within the terms set out, GT Raceway reserves the right to charge interest at 0.4% per week on overdue fees 

- If for any reason the client cancels the booking within 7 days of the event date, the client shall be liable to pay the total price contracted for. The contracted event date cannot be changed within 7 days of the event date without the full event fee being incurred. 

- The Client hereby give’s permission for GT Raceway to display any images and video (with prior consent) from the event for exhibitions, advertising, competitions, magazines and on websites. No use of any of the images will be used for other commercial reasons, except with written permission from the Client. All images and video will be edited for absolute discretion and sensitivity.

 - The Contracting Party accepts liability to pay in full for any damage or loss to the GT Raceway equipment supplied by the Company, arising out of an act or omission of the Contracting Party or Guests. The Contracting Party and each Guest agree to limit any claims against the Company to the risks and amounts insured against by the Company and agree to observe the terms and conditions thereof. A synopsis of the insurance policy is available to all Contracting Parties and Guests. The Company and its Servants or Agents accept no responsibility in respect of any damage whatsoever, to any property of the Contracting Party or Guests except where such damage is caused by the negligence of the Company. 

- Any additions or alterations of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by the parties.

 - By accepting the terms and conditions of GT Raceway, the Contracting Party accepts the booking terms and conditions. 

When booking with GT Raceway you are agreeing to our prices, terms and condition. 

Thank you in advance. 
GT Raceway.


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