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United Airlines
    Baggage tracing Baggage tracing Complete the form below and select the "Continue" button. If you do not have a file reference number, contact the Baggage Resolution Service Center.

Baggage Tracing Results | United Airlines
    Baggage Tracing Results Please review that the information below is correct and contact your airline if you have any questions or changes. Also be aware that when more than one bag is missing we have no means to know which tag number is related to which of your bags until the baggage has actually arrived. File Reference Number:

Mobile bag tracking | United Airlines
    You need to have a current flight reservation with checked bags, as well as the United app on Android (version 4.3 or higher) or iOS (version 10 or higher). Where do I find bag tracking in the app? Select "Track my bags" from the menu in the top left corner or go to "View reservations."

Track Shipments - United Cargo Tracking
    Track Shipments - United Cargo Tracking Track shipments Track and trace up to ten shipments at a time by entering either the air waybill number or the confirmation number.

Checked baggage issues | United Airlines
    Go to; Talk to a United representative at the Baggage Resolution Center; Please hold on to your receipt. It contains your baggage file reference number, so you can refer to it if needed. For bags still lost after five days

Baggage FAQ | United Airlines
    The first way is to pay for your checked bags online at least 24 hours before your flight. Visit our page about prepaying for your checked bags to learn more. Savings may apply when you prepay for your checked bags. The second way is to pay for your checked bags on while checking in for your flight. During the check-in process, enter your credit card information and …

United Airlines Baggage Fees, Policy & Allowance [2022]
    If your checked baggage is oversized then United will charge you $200 to $400 per bag (up to maximum linear dimensions 115 inches). Charges for overweight baggage depend on your route and generally are $100 to $200 for bags weighing 51 to 70 pounds and $200 to $400 for bags weighing 71 to 100 pounds.

Prepay for your checked bags - United Airlines
    How it works Visit and enter your confirmation number. Select the "Prepay bags" icon. Enter your information and look over all the details. Select "Continue to payment." At the airport When you get to the airport, we'll already recognize you prepaid for your bags. Simply stop by a United kiosk to check in and print your bag tag.

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