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Flat pedals for xc - Pinkbike Forum
    eyun. Posted: Jan 18, 2010 at 11:07. Quote. I actually just switched back to clipless pedals for XC. I rocked the flats for a few years and loved the comfort and convenience of flats, but in the ...

Clipless or Platform Pedals for XC Racing? - Mountain Bike …
    I don't know any XC racer who doesn't use clipless pedals. My teen racers are in them within the first month of joining the team. In fairness they are not deeply invested in some other form of pedal which they've tested while riding in extremes. In the racing we do flat pedals disappear along with skateboard helmets and baggies sooner or later.

What are some good flat pedal shoes for XC racing?
    @DWGKNZ You don't need a stiff sole when riding flatties. You are standing on the pedal, and it provides the support and doesn't bend. Five Ten aren't particularly stiff either, although perhaps slightly more than skate shoes. They do however have a pretty thick sole. The main problem with skate shoes are the grip, not the stiffness. – user1049697

Flat bars on XC race bikes....Why? - Singletrack Magazine
    They’re not quite as good for descending but most xc racers can just go for it- you just have to move back a bit more. They move your weight forward, which …

Clips vs Flats | Which Pedals Are More Efficient For XC?
    That's right, GMBN are doing science! Neil's measuring what's more efficient to use on a XC MTB, clip pedals or flat pedals. But this time he's not just rely...

Flat pedals for enduro racing? – Lee Likes Bikes
    I’m not a pro XC or Enduro racer, so I asked international badass Mark Weir about riding flats for Enduro. He said: • All of the top guys are clipped in. • While some courses are so gnar he wishes for flat pedals, it’s more important to be able to lay down big power run after run. That’s a lot easier clipped in.

more people switching to flats for xc riding ... - Singletrack Magazine
    It could be that XC is getting more technical. Personally I’ve gone with flats because I find them much better for the bits when I’m not on the bike (e.g. pushing/carrying), easier to get started...

Is anyone making podium in flat pedals? | Mountain Bike Reviews …
    They make things easier vs having to learn proper techniques on flats. Podium placement, though is often people on clipless (simply because thats what they use and know, and most common in XC) are on the podium, its not the pedal choice that made the difference. Its their training and skills overall that won.

Flat vs. clipless mountain bike pedals | The Pro's Closet
    I raced XC this year on the Look X-Tracks and was very happy with the weight, engagement, and float. For trail riding and enduro, clipless pedals that add a supportive platform like the Deore XT and Mallet are the most popular. Look X-Track - $49.99 Shimano Deore XT - $129.99 Crank Brothers Mallet E - $165.00 Do you agree with my pedal assessment?

10 Best Xc Mtb Pedals In 2022 – Expert Review – Aids Quilt
    SMOOTH BEARINGS: Lubricated sealed bearing flat pedals features sturdy and stable, keep flat pedals spin smooth and without noise.The spindle was made of chrome-molybdenum steel material, which is stronger than ordinary steel and features better load-bearing performance.

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