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XC Racers - What tyre pressure do you run? - Singletrack Magazine
    Everyone seems to say 30-35 PSI for general riding. I was wondering if people use higher than that for XC racing, or not? Posted 12 years ago PlumzRichard Free …

Tire pressure for GNCC/ xc racing - YFZ Central
    That pressure would depend on how fast of a rider you are, how aggressively you corner, your weight and suspension settings, etc. Personally I run tireballs with 4.5psi and then another 5 psi over top of them. If not running anything in your tires I would probably start around 7 psi all around and go from there. -Kevin- Junior A GNCC #444

How much psi for xc racing? | Mountain Bike Reviews Forum
    Give or take a pound of psi, the 15-16 front/ 18-19 rear is pretty golden covering the gamut as a starting point for the Ralphs, that body weight, and on the big wheels. Save Reply P party_wagon Registered Joined Oct 10, 2008 1,294 Posts #13 · Aug 28, 2015 Run them at your regular psi so you have lots of confidence and know your bike.

Tire pressure for all around XC riding? - Mountain Bike Reviews …
    Keep dropping the pressure until you start getting pinch flats or the tires feel squirmy in the corners, then add 2-3 psi. This will be where most tires will preform the best, though a few models may have a sweet spot that is a little higher depending on riding style and terrain. The trouble with common sense is it is no longer common

A Guide to Tire Pressure for Mountain Bikes - Cycling Utah
    Stan’s NoTubes offers a simple formula as a starting point for tubeless tire pressure for most XC riders. Divide your weight (in pounds) by 7, …

Round Up: 25 Different XC World Cup Tire Combinations
    The new Racing Ralph may be specifically designed as a rear tire but it still works great front and rear and this combination has been an XC classic for many years. The latest updates feature a...

2021 XC Race Tire Thread - Equipment - TrainerRoad
    Front tire: Racing Ray 2.35. Rear tire: Racing Ralph 2.35. Inserts: Pepi’s 29 S (the yellow color) I was previously on the Barzo/Mezcal train and I slightly prefer this setup after doing testing. 3 Likes. JCrockett January 3, 2021, 12:12am …

Tyre volume: Which is fastest for XC? - BikeRadar
    After working out the ideal pressure for the 2.0in tyres as 23psi, we determined that to replicate the same performance in the 2.35in rubber using LaPlace’s Law we needed 19.5psi — rounded to 20psi...

Complete Bike Tire Pressure Guide: Get the Correct PSI Every Time
    Here a the MTB tire pressure ranges in terms of tire width: 2.1″ = 18 -26psi 2.25″ = 17 – 25psi 2.35″ = 16 – 31psi 2.4″ = 16 – 31psi 2.5″ = 15 – 30psi 2.6″ = 14 – 23psi 2.8″ = 14 – 22psi Road Bike Tire Pressure Road bike psi varies a lot in terms of the total number.

Tire width for XC racing? : MTB - reddit
    What you have will be totally fine and really width isn't what defines a tires (or your) speed. If you want faster tires the main thing to do is get smaller knobs and run relatively firm tire pressures. Around me anything from a 2.0 to a 2.5 is pretty common on XC races with the occasional 4.5" or larger bike. 1 level 2 prokhk · 5 yr. ago

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